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This is our premium compost made from recovered organic fraction of municipal solid waste with the full spectrum of plant nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and other micronutrients and trace minerals that are most of the time missing from synthetic or inorganic fertilizers.

Our compost is excellent in regulating soil PH, improving soil texture, regulating moisture (water storage) and encourages microbes critical in transferring nutrients to plant roots.

When added into the soil, it gives better aggregation and good pore spacing. The applicant of the IRECOP organic Compost enjoys great crop yield even after several years of use because of high nutrient composition such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron,  and many others.


Tree-based fibre sources are becoming an important fraction of waste and its derivative products are excellent in nutritional compositions which does not have adverse effects on the environment, gradually it is becoming an attractive source of fibre.

Our Market research analysis indicated that there is availability of huge inventory of palm biomass amongst especially the rural smallholder farmers and processors who often live this as waste without inspite of its high nutritional value.

Though research on possible uses of same to enhance our compost for the farmer, a blend of this waste with compost was created to ensure sustainability and balanced development of the palm processing industry through recycling.

This will in the long ran have impact on rural poverty reduction through product sourcing, Business synergies and the production of value-added products.

It is inferred that opportunities exist for the expansion of the use of palm waste through innovative solution’s such as we have done in Ghana through the introduction of a unique blend of organic compost using palm fibre.

The IRECOP-PALM BLEND is excellent for seedlings and plant growth. It provides nutrients and improves habitat for organisms in the soil, IRECOP-Palm blend also binds soil particles into aggregates and improves the water holding capacity of soil. This brand contains E.C level of 0,0018-0.0025, a pH level between 5.8-6.5 and a nitrogen level of 3.0%.

IRECOP-Coco Blend

This is a direct response to adding value through recycling to the daily generation of coconut waste which has since become a challenge in Ghana with traces of this forming a fraction of municipal solid waste.

With constant research into modern farming trends, it was realized that this forms an excellent medium for plant and seedling growth through the sourcing of coconut fibre translating it into the cocopeat and blending it with Municipal Solid Waste.

Sourced from the western, Eastern, Greater Accra and volta region, the coconut fibre is pre washed, dried, sieved and made free from sand and other contaminations such as animal and plant residue and blended with organic compost to create a unique product.

The IRECOP COCOBLEND is a combination of cocopeat and organic compost which is an alternative to growing in soils. It is organic and eco-friendly, free from soil borne pathogens and weeds.

IRECOP Coco blend unlike ordinary cocopeats on the market contains 2.5% of Nitrogen, an E.C level between (0.002 - 0.003) and pH level between (6.5-7.5). It also has a good percentage of Phosphorous and Potassium which supports crop cultivation. When blended with the soil it improves the conditions of the plant as the coco peat decomposes in the soil adding to the organic compost already present in the soil giving it an appreciable water holding capacity which improves aeration in the root zone of plants.

IRECOP-Coco blend can be used for Seedling production, Horticulture, Floriculture applications, Home Gardening and Organic farming, etc.


The IRECOP Organic Mulch is an important agronomic measure which has proven effective for soil and water conservation.  The Mulch is a covering agent that protects the soil, keeps it moist and suppresses weed growth when applied.

The IRECOP Organic mulch gives off nutrients that are beneficial to the soil through the decomposition of organic materials gradually into the soil thereby firming the soil for plant root development.

The IRECOP Mulch is carefully charred in the absence of oxygen using international best practices to prevent the product from losing its nutritional value. It has a broad spectrum of plant nutrients with phosphorous forming the highest which is excellent in aiding root development in plants.

The IRECOP mulch is highly porous making it easy for air and water penetration. It is lightweight and has a large surface area that serves the purpose of mulching.

This unique mulch also contains rich Organic Carbon (OC) which is good for soil amendment