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Product Overview

The IRECOP Organic Mulch is an important agronomic measure which has proven effective for soil and water conservation.  The Mulch is a covering agent that protects the soil, keeps it moist and suppresses weed growth when applied.

The IRECOP Organic mulch gives off nutrients that are beneficial to the soil through the decomposition of organic materials gradually into the soil thereby firming the soil for plant root development.

The IRECOP Mulch is carefully charred in the absence of oxygen using international best practices to prevent the product from losing its nutritional value. It has a broad spectrum of plant nutrients with phosphorous forming the highest which is excellent in aiding root development in plants.

The IRECOP mulch is highly porous making it easy for air and water penetration. It is lightweight and has a large surface area that serves the purpose of mulching.

This unique mulch also contains rich Organic Carbon (OC) which is good for soil amendment