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The Integrated Recycling and Compost Plant Limited seeks to consolidate the gains Ghana has made in environmental sustainability through innovative solutions to waste challenges in the country.

We realized that If we needed to advance this course there is the relevance of balancing our environmental and social sanitation challenges by making use of organic fractions of Municipal Solid Waste in a sustainable path to create compost as well as recover the other recyclable fractions of plastics, paper, metal, glass ect for re-use.

Sustainability is the bedrock of our core operations and we are committed to continuous improvements in our activities. As a responsible actor wherever we operate, we expect sustainable operations to become a competitive advantage and a standard market requirement in the near future.


Integrated Recycling and Compost Plant Limited (IRECoP) is an integrated waste processing and recycling company established to receive, sort, process and recycle Municipal solid waste to produce organic compost for agronomic purposes in Ghana and the sub region. Other recoverable materials include plastics and metal scraps which serve as input materials for the steel and plastic manufacturing sectors.


To provide the best technology and practices by adopting an integrated approach to waste management


To be become a leader in waste recovery and recycling across Africa through the use of international best practices.


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